Blanka Havlíčková


Blanka holds a Ph.D. from the University of Economics, where she studied human behavior and decision-making in uncertain situations. She also studied creative pedagogy and is interested in experiential education and helping people integrate new concepts in a fun and memorable way. She organized CFAR workshops, Epistea Summer Experiment), Czech Forecasting Tournament (OPTIONS). In the past she worked for Metaculus and as a grant evaluator.

Václav Peca

Head of Design

Václav has a unique academic combination of design and teaching. He studied Graphic Design at Brno University of Technology, finishing with a BA, and studies a Master's degree in Teaching of Mathematics and English for Secondary Schools at Masaryk University, Brno. He is also an entrepreneur, having started a company producing professional juggling balls. He organizes a co-working space for the effective altruism community in Brno.

Jiří Sejkora

Software & Hardware Engineer

Jiří is currently pursuing a Master's Degree at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague. He also helps with organization of a Computer Science contest and camps for high schoolers and takes an interest in open-source software development.

Václav Končický

Software & Hardware Engineer

Václav is a fresh alumnus of theoretical Computer Science, finishing it with a Master’s degree. During his master studies he also took a liking to teaching his younger student colleagues, taking on first year practicals on math and problem solving to this day. In addition, he helps with organisation of a Computer Science contest for high schoolers.

Board of Directors

Peter Hroššo

Naďa Bednárová

Vojtěch Brynych

Advisory Board

Nora Amman, PIBBSS (Principles of Intelligent Behavior in Biological and Social Systems), Simon Institute for Longterm Governance

Adam Binks, Sage, Clearer Thinking

Michal Dubrawski, forecaster at Metaculus, INFER and the Swift Centre

Jan Kulveit, Future of Humanity Institute

Filip Murar, Charity Entrepreneurship

Martin Polášek, SEA

Lucie Núñez Tayupanta, Czech Ministry of Education (MŠMT)

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