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Forecasting tournaments

Run an internal forecasting tournament and find out who the best forecasters in your organization are, so you know who to turn to at times of uncertainty and crisis. Forecasting tournaments with interesting questions can also serve as a great team-building activity. They can help spread the culture of experssing uncertainty within your org.

Meetings and strategic decision-making

Get a quick overview of group's estimates or beliefs during meetings to speed up discussion and prevent the influence of the first speaker on others. Set your goals or define risks and uncertainties and share them through Confido with anyone inside or outside your organization to get the most accurate belief or estimate. Confido secures your data, so it can also be used in a government setting.

Personal forecasting and calibration

If I go to this party, will I meet at least one new person I will like?
If I quit my job now, will I manage to get hired again within three months?
Find out how well you are calibrated in different areas of life. You can clearly see if you are overconfident or underconfident when facing uncertain situations. Get better at predicting your own future in order to make better decisions.

Talks and calibration trainings

Get the wisdom of your audience right away and make your talk more interactive; compare audience beliefs and estimates before and after the talk to see the influence of your talk. You can also use Confido to run your own interactive calibration workshops.

Organize your uncertainty questions according to their topic or audience

Sleek question management design will help you to have all kinds of different uncertainty projects and questions in one spot.

Audience specific rooms

Do you want to share different questions with different groups of people in your institution, or with external advisors?
Create different rooms for different audiences. Some of your rooms can be public, some can be private according to your preference.

Topic specific rooms

Do you want to compare how well you are calibrated in your personal versus professional questions? Or in different areas? Just place different questions in different rooms to measure your  calibration or group calibration for different topics separetely.
Calibration features

Cutting-edge calibration curves

Measure what matters easily at one spot; Decide when the question will open and close to calculate your score.
Calibration curves for both yes/no and numeric questions
Calibration curves for different rooms as well as the whole workspace
Calibration curves for you personally as well as the whole group of people, who provided estimates
Confido app FAQ

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get my workspace?
We will create your workspace and send you an email with instructions within 24 hours after your request. If you have not received it by then, check your spam folder.
How do I log into my workspace?
Visit your workspace subdomain (workspace-name) and you will be able to log in using the email you have provided when creating the workspace.
How much does Confido cost?
Confido is free to use. If you need a special feature or you want to support the development of something specific, please contact us. We will provide you with a cost estimate.
What should I know about forecasting and dealing with uncertainty before I start using the the Confido app?
If you have never heard of forecasting, we strongly recommend you read the book Superforecasting by Philip Tetlock or watch this short video.
Can I use the Confido app in the classroom?
Definitely. Confido is designed to be very user-friendly and was already used for a forecasting tournament and a forecasting course at a high school and a Summer Academy in Czechia. We have also developed demo versions of Confido edu –different estimation exercises for high schoolers.
Can we use Confido within a government department or agency?
Definitely. We do not collect and sell any data. Confido is open source and allows you to self-host your workspace on your own infrastructure in to have full control over your data. In the past Confido hosted a tournament at Dutch government.

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