The institute was established as a result of positive response to experiments we did in the area of forecasting in 2022. We were able to demonstrate that the principles of judgmental forecasting can be applied to a wide range of other situations and that uncertainty communication itself can significantly improve human coordination and cooperation.

The aim of the institute is to conduct research and experimental activities in the field of uncertainty communication and to openly share our theoretical and practical results with both the professional and non-professional public in order to have the most possible positive impact.

In the past, human culture and cooperation have been advanced by lots of great new cultural norms that have brought our society to a higher level. For example scientific method become a commonplace giving us a great tool to systematically discover the world around us and improve lots of areas of human life. Or we have reached a new cultural norm of extending the freedom to share ideas and information openly.

Another positive cultural step might be improving the coordination and risk prevention of our society by open communication of uncertainty. And Confido Institute is here to support this mission.
(Blanka Havlíčková, Director of the Confido Institute)