Get all the benefits from running a forecasting tournament

Improved decision-making

Forecasting tournaments help participants hone their prediction skills, which can lead to better decision-making in various strategic domains within the organization.

Collective intelligence

By aggregating forecasts from diverse participants, forecasting tournaments can produce more accurate predictions than any single individual, leveraging the wisdom of the crowd.

Incentivizing learning

Tournaments often offer rewards or recognition for top performers, which can motivate participants to learn and improve their forecasting abilities.

Identifying talent

Tournaments can help organizations identify individuals with exceptional forecasting abilities who may be valuable assets in strategic planning or other decision-making processes.

Encouraging collaboration

Tournaments can foster a spirit of collaboration among participants, as they often involve sharing insights, discussing methodologies, and learning from one another.

Generating valuable data

The forecasts and accompanying data generated by tournaments can be useful for the organization itself.