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Are you organizing a thematically focused professional conference or another type of meeting? For example, would you like to know the group's opinion without being anchored by the first speaker? Or would you like to get the attendees' estimate efficiently and utilize the crowd's wisdom in real-time?

With Confido you can do all that!

It allows you to ask probabilistic questions directly – no need for the attendees to register. All you need is a workspace where you create your questions. Then, generate a link for your attendees. The attendees use a nickname to log in and can start estimating in a few seconds.

Confido also allows you to share interim estimates of the whole group in real-time or at the end of the conference if you prefer to avoid anchoring other participants.

"I used Confido during multiple workshops. It proved to be a great tool to involve participants in a meaningful and educative way while showing the strength of the crowd wisdom of even small groups of people."

Jan Kleňha, Czech Priorities
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Please, be aware this is only the beta-version of the app. Lots of features and UX enhancements are still under development.

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