We help collectives harness the power of uncertainty

Best decisions are made with uncertainty in mind. We work to spread awareness of uncertainty and design interactive tools that help people understand it and put it into numbers. By providing these tools for free, we hope to co-create a better coordinated society.

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Why Confido

Easy to use. Securely stored. Free.

Forecasting and estimation tools are on the rise, but there are recurring reasons why they are not implemented in the biggest institutions. We aim to change that.


Seamless user experience

We believe that the power of probability should be accessible to all, not just mathematicians. That's why we concentrate our efforts on making the user experience of our tools as intuitive as possible, giving the user helpful hints while using it.


Top-level security

Ensuring the security and protection of your data is our top priority. Our technology allows you to run the app locally, giving you full control over your data and security. This makes implementation in large and strategic institutions possible.


Flexible development team

We are a small but agile team of designers and developers. We prioritize to implement the features that our clients need the most, which means that if you have a good case for why you need something to be added to the app, we can code an add-on just for you.


Free to use for everyone

We operate on a non-profit basis, offering our app to the world for free. You will never be asked to pay for our services unless you need us to work on extra requirements.

Sam Bogerd
Government of the Netherlands

"We used Confido for our internal forecasting tournament, the platform allowed us to effortlessly organize a competition with participants from different government departments, and they provided excellent technical support when necessary."

Jan Kleňha
Czech Priorities

"I used Confido during multiple workshops. It proved to be a great tool to involve participants in a meaningful and educative way while showing the strength of the crowd wisdom of even small groups of people."

Conor Spence
High Impact Coach

"The Confido event was a great way to have fun while learning to overcome the many biases influencing our decision-making. Our group had a great time together!"

Tyler Johnston
The Humane League

"Confido's elegant and clear user interface makes it easy to design and share questions about the future of farmed animal welfare with my team, helping us put numbers to our beliefs and make more informed strategic decisions."

Let's collaborate.

Get to meet the Confido team and discuss how our tools or interactive workshops can benefit your organization. We will be also happy to talk about research collaboration or the educational aspects of spreading awareness of uncertainty.

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